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I am so excited that we have a desire to continue the topic ; what defines me as 100 % Catholic . I pary that more people will share how they live as a Catholic.
As we share our feelings, frustations, observations and experiences I find myself looking for simple ways to live my Catholic faith that will speak clearly of WHO I BELIEVE IN and how the Catholic faith has taken me there.
This week was a true gift from God in regards with this challenge, I spend some days in St. Louis visiting my 25 year old twins and the topic came of following our Catholic faith with “all the disappointments and faults” (that is their opinion not mine). My son who has been visiting a non denominational for a year now shared that just recently he had to talk to the pastor after he mention the Catholics in not a positive way in his Sunday service. My son made the point that he did not appreciated and made it clear that the way he found a relationship with Jesus was because of the Catholic church.
Then he turn to us ( his dad too) and told us that he has not found in another church the things that our church practices that help him be in touch with God: solemnity of the mass, the communion with Jesus in the eucharist, the prayers that remind him that he is in one accord with all our Catholic brothers around the world.

His twin sister that has stay in the Catholic church join the discussion and shared that staying in the curch has been difficult for her. She recently join a Bible study with some friends and is interdenominational due to the fact that there is nothing available in our church in her area.

I am in awe in the ways that the Lord is speaking to me and this Sunday I share with 50 plus teens how we are the same church Jesus established 2000 years ago. 1 Tim 3:15 “pilar and foundation of truth”
We are ONE< HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC church and that is the foundation of our faith .
One: Jn 10:16, Ephe 43-6, 1 Cor 12:13………..more if neede
Holy: Jesus is holy and gives us the Holy Spirit to keep his church holy, even if as individuals we are not perfect.
Apostolic:JOHn 10:16,15:16,20:21,21:17 ; Lk22:29-32
Catholic: universal , that has been united in the same teachings since Jesus time and still the same.

bless you all , I pray this challenge (100% Catholic) takes to search your heart and your faith and go and be a light to all our non Catholic brothers.