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[quote:168sws7v]another great resource for in-depth apologetics and biblical support of Catholic doctrines is Dave Armstrong’s site (to which I would post the link, but the site appears to be down). [/quote:168sws7v]

Peace be with you Jon,

What is the url, I’d love to check it out if it comes back up!

[quote:168sws7v]Then he sent me some books too – Rome Sweet Home and Suprised by Truth.[/quote:168sws7v]

I have heard of both of these and that they are excellent resources. I’ll have to check out my local Christian Book Store for them. I just got a copy of [u:168sws7v]Theology and Sanity[/u:168sws7v] by [b:168sws7v]Frank Sheed[/b:168sws7v]. Itching to get into that.