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[quote:1w8r3nl6]I’m generally cautious in using these types of examples as to how non-Catholic churches operate because there are many former and anti-Catholics that have plenty of stories about times they were hurt by people in the Catholic Church (misleading people to believe that our whole religion is corrupt). [/quote:1w8r3nl6]

Peace be with you,

I agree. As a general rule I don’t either, but since I know the resource, my sister, I was confident the story was accurate and reliable. Know if this makes anyone uncomfortable and/or offended I apologize, I was just relating a true story that was close to me.

[quote:1w8r3nl6]Which I find hilarious considering at their new church they are following the current pastor’s confined interpretation of the Bible.[/quote:1w8r3nl6]

So true! And that is why a Catechism and a Canon are important. More importantly, why the Catholic faith, only one that can trace its history to the Way and Christ, is the Way! :lol: