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[quote:18r2abky]I know many “fallen” Catholics and non-denominational folks. My sister, her husband, and their children went to one in Florida for a time. They attained regularly and did what they could in the Church. At the time they had filed bankruptcy and had little of anything.

The “Elders” of the Church came to them and said if they could not tithe more often and more then they had to ask them to leave the Church. Now that’s not too Christian to me.[/quote:18r2abky]
I’m generally cautious in using these types of examples as to how non-Catholic churches operate because there are many former and anti-Catholics that have plenty of stories about times they were hurt by people in the Catholic Church (misleading people to believe that our whole religion is corrupt).

Just throwing that out there as a caution. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

[quote:18r2abky]I have heard similar stories from others as well. But most returning Catholics I know that attended a non-denominational Church said they left because they didn’t want to be confined (told what to do) by the Catechism and the Canon.[/quote:18r2abky]
Which I find hilarious considering at their new church they are following the current pastor’s confined interpretation of the Bible.