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[quote:3ld7x0kq]After reading many apologetic books and articles I can see what you mean by “the lion’s den”. lol People do like to take shots![/quote:3ld7x0kq]
What got me fired up about my faith (and ultimately led to this website) was being thrown into the lion’s den with no experience.

I was at a friend’s housewarming party and it consisted of many Evangelicals and former Catholics. At one point someone turned to me and asked me about my religion and it became this huge 7 on 1 ordeal (with me being the 1). I was only 18 years old too! The best knowledge I had was from my Confirmation classes and other faith formation. That’s when I started my “Catholic rampage” (as another of my friends called it) and here I am today (with this website and being a youth minister). <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />