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Do they still call them blended? Well anyway, my wife and I just celebrated( or at least noted it on the calendar) our ninth anniversary. When my wife and came together she had two children already. Since our marriage we have added three more. Our ideas on everything have dramatically changed in the past decade have changed, especially love. It had become so easy to get caught up in the world and assume that the anchor of your life( next to God) would always be securely their. People change, circumstances change and sudeenly my wife realized our marriage needed to change. Our marriage is the foundation of our lives but we had put alot of weight building on the foundation. We rethought our goals, our lifestyles, dreams, parenting and on and on to rekindle our marriage. We found are love was too dependent on the ways of the world the you can have everything mentality. Marriage isn’t a you it is an us, and we each had to make it where the other wanted to willingly join so an us could form, the love has flowed out of that ever since.