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:lol: Sorry about that, I believe that was from my post. I mixed the ‘m’ and the ‘n’ in that phrase. It was suppossed to be “Non-Denominational” or “non-denom” for short.

Please, I would not go to any place where they specifically say “we are a [i:1hzzohpp]demon[/i:1hzzohpp] church, not like those other silly non-demon churches”. :lol:

Speaking of mis-reading lines, do you know what probably the most mis-read line in the bible? Any place that mentions thongs or tongs. Sometimes tongs are mentioned, like in Isaiah 6:6 and sometimes thongs are mentioned, like in Mark 1:7. But everytime I hear a passage read involving these two words, the reader always confuses the two. Not to mention, the word ‘thong’ has an entirely different meaning in today’s culture. :shock:

And is Jesus as a baby, wrapped in swadeling cloths or clothes. If they are clothes, can’t the just put it on him instead of wrapping him in them? <img decoding=:” title=”Question” />