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Fred, I think you did a better job of answering the question than I did. I misread it think that srobert was asking what defines me as a Catholic from non-Catholics.

I like your answer though – not being ashamed of the gospel.

Reflecting on that I think many times how I might be afraid to speak up when I hear someone take the Lord’s name in vain or the little bit of embarrassment of praying in a restaurant or admitting when I am wrong (humilty is sometimes hard for me).

As a Catholic I shouldn’t be afraid of these things, but I just need to lay down my worries for God and push on.

I [b:2figt59p]know[/b:2figt59p] that I am accountable to God for all the things I do and sometimes it is tough to always do the right thing, to do what’s right according to God.

I just need to keep praying and let the Holy Spirit convert me each day and let my heart be open to God. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />