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Peace be with you,

Not to disagree with the Archbishop but I have never hear or seen anything that the Holy Father says about that. Now Canon Law has certain requirements that must be done to bless your current marriage and annul the past marriages.

Now in 1991 when my wife and I wanted to get married in the church we had to seek out a Canon Lawyer because I had been divorced once and that marriage was not in the Church, was a Methodist marriage (don’t ask lol).

I had to promise to raise our children Catholic and abide by the Church. No money exchanged hands, within a month my first marriage was annulled and we were able to married in the church and all has been well since.

I would suggest you go to the Archdiocese and seek out a Canon Lawyer further, read this portion of the Canon concerning Divorce http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/05054c.htm and prepare yourself. I honestly cannot see why the Church would refuse this. If they do again, they you can try to have it done by an act of papal authority.

I hope this helps and gives you new direction to proceed!