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Well, my parents knew I was going to the Episcopal Church and were not happy with that. Then when I left home and started to live together with my wife, I also left the Episcopal Church soon after that. I was drawn to the Catholic Church and I really think this is where I belong. I’ve been going consistantly and I just finnished my second week of RCIA tonight.

My Mom has asked since I’ve left the house, if I was going to any churches and, unfortunately, I told her a lie out of fear. I said I was looking around at all types. She asked were if Catholic was one I was considering and I say yes I just went to one. She asked how I liked it and I said I think I like it a lot. She didn’t say much about it after that, but I am scared to tell her I am converting because I know the arguments that will start (just like when I told them I was going to an Episcopal Church).

My parents believe that Catholics teach things contrary to the Bible. I know they were very uncomfortable and unhappy when I was baptized. I know this makes them sound like a cult but their really good people who love God but are certainly misguided.

Eventually, they’ll find out and I know that will happen soon I’m sure. I want my children baptized (which I don’t have yet), but it makes me sad to not be able to envite my family out of fear. Is there anything that you suggest?