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nordskoven, I find what you write to be fascinating and very insightful though I have to read it more carefully than most of the posts.

I think one part of our faith is the [b:2jy3ef66]Act of Perfect Contrition[/b:2jy3ef66] (not perfect act of contrition). This is where you are wholly sorry and repentant of your sin because you have offended God and because you love him above everything else (not just because you’re scared of hell). You admit your sin, your sorrow, your resolve to do penance and avoid sin.

According to the Church (and I may be wrong on this one) your mortal sins will not be held against you, provided that you seek reconciliation with the Church (a.k.a. Sacrament of Confession).

I heard that if a person makes a [i:2jy3ef66]genuine[/i:2jy3ef66] Act of Perfect Contrition right before or near their death and isn’t baptized, their mortal sins will not be held against them.

Of course this doesn’t allow for people to say a prayer every night while continuing to reject God’s saving Grace through the Sacraments either.

Does anyone agree or does anyone have any corrections in what I think is true?