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Well I like the site the way it is.

What my parent’s church teaches can be classified as an Ultra-dispensationalism. It is a group that split off from the Baptist church. You can find more info (that is if you want to) at:


They actually have some strange beliefs when compared to the Catholic Church. They believe that when Jesus came, it was for the Jews only. Then the Jews rejected Jesus and killed him which was God’s will. Then Peter called the Jews to salvation through Jesus, and they rejected Peter. So, according to Paul’s letter to the Romans, God set the Jews aside in his plan of salvation and offered it to the Gentiles through St Paul. They point out a lot of passages from the Bible, but as we have seen since the Reformation, the Bible can be interpreted to say anything you want. They don’t believe in Baptism (only for Peter and the Jews) nor any other Sacrament. They believe that a person is “saved” once and for all, by “accepting” Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and there is nothing you can do to change that.

They would speak out against the Roman Catholic Church… they are Protestants of course! I used to think the Catholic Church was full of a bunch of hypocrites or superstitious people (remember my friends who didn’t know anything about the Church?)

My parents and family really do love God but are very misguided. They would probably say the same thing about me if they knew I was converting to Catholicism. They were against me getting baptized in the Episcopal Church so they would definitely be upset if I were becoming Catholic.

It’s sad but I don’t think they would ever understand my decision. I’m the only one out of my siblings that are baptized.