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[quote:1dii3n2t][quote:1dii3n2t]This got me because that is exactly what I said on the day of Sept. 11, 2001. I felt as if God had been answering our pre election prayers…..for He knew what lay in the road ahead.[/quote:1dii3n2t]
Not that I supported Gore at the time, but what did Bush do that Al Gore would not have done? How do you know Gore wouldn’t have done a better job handling the situation? I don’t really understand your comments.[/quote:1dii3n2t]

I think you can observe Gore’s words and actions over the last 3 years to see that he lacks the temperance, civility and ubderstanding to be President.
What Gore would not have done, we can surmise from his record.

He would not have ubited us.
He would not have inspired us .
He would have not adequetly defended us