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[quote:1fzkw8at]It is a terrible position for a challenger to be in.
Rasmussen shows Bush with a 48-47 lead and a 52% approval rating.[/quote:1fzkw8at]

The Rasmussen poll is a month long poll, so most of it was done before the convention. In addition, a 48-47 rating is well within the margin of error, telling us that this is still a statistical tie.

As far as job creation goes: Despite the administration’s attempt to spin the numbers as favorable, any self-respecting economist will say that this is bad. There are two surveys used to indicate job growth and employment. One is the household survey, and is the one showing that unemployment went down by .1%. However, it is not considered as reliable as the payroll data, which has a much larger sample size and shows that job creation fell well short of expectations. The 32,000 jobs are just fifteen percent of the average numbers generated during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Far from turning the corner, we seem to be running against a wall.