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[quote:2jf8aj2t]I know who I willl be voting for and that will be John Kerry. I believe that Kerry is a much better leader for our nation that Bush. Kerry proved that in his leadership in the Vietnam war. Kerry volunteered for the war when he could have chosen to not be involved in it, and Bush tried to dodge the draf by entering the Air National Guard in Texas. Also, I believe that Kerry has a true plan for all parts of our country, whether it be in education, health care, veteran services, and the war.
A candidate’s religious standing is not the first thing I look at. I think religion is an important factor in chosing a candidate for morals and possibly some guidence. I know what I want in a candidate, religiously and otherwise, and I know that it is not what the Catholic church believes in. I think that gay people should be able to be married and also I think that a woman should have the right to choose if she wants an abortion.[/quote:2jf8aj2t]

Bush did not avoid the draft and JKerry’s leadership in Vietnam is a matter of dispute. I respect your views even though I disagree with them in the strongest possible way.
I feel a Kerry Presidency would be a catastrophe.