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Hiya, Jon…

My husband won’t even consider filling out the paperwork now. He knows that that’s what it would take for me to return to full communion with the Church, and he doesn’t [i:1tz0w7yo]want[/i:1tz0w7yo] me to return. He sees the Church as a hierarchy which has abused lots of people through the centuries, and I’m just their latest victim. He also feels that the Church is run by bitter old men who have NO clue how it is to live in the real world. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> And he also sees the Church as using women as baby factories, to “propagate the faith”.

Besides that, annulments can be expensive, and it would mean he would have to find his ex-wife and contact her. Then a Church representative would have to conrtact her and ask her lovely questions like, “Did you want children from this marriage?” and “Why did you seek a divorce?”

She had 3 abortions while married to my husband, and she left him to run off with another guy. :!: Will she admit these things? I have no idea. :rolleyes:

I am looking into the “Welcome Home” program for returning Catholics. I’ll have to commute to one, because I have had several priests [i:1tz0w7yo]privately[/i:1tz0w7yo] tell me that they would not deny me Communion or Confession, because after almost 21 years of being married, they consider my marriage valid.

I’m wearing out, Jon. I had no idea returning to the Church would be this hard. Most churches I’ve been to WANT me to be a member. <img decoding=” title=”Sad” />