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Jon- you raise some interesting points. I would think these would be points we all would consider and pray about. (sorry I still don’t know how to hilight from one post to the next)

At times I wish we would have a moral obligation not to vote for either party based on the very same issues you discuss.

I can discuss 2. The first—-I believe in all the social programs(well except for those against the church, abortion, same-sex marriage, stem cell(embryonic )research. that the democrats and Kerry speak about in their speeches. It is just that over the years I have not personally seen any of their programs work in social welfare matters. (specifically education and health, and welfare). Its my belief that creating laws and throwing even more money at a problem does not work all that great.

Both parties have good plans, and both certainly have their flaws.

Second, why vote based on one issue—abortion? (actually that has increased to the others mentioned above—marriage and ethical science research). I don’t think that I am the only non-democrat voter who has struggled with war and justice (death penalty). I was going to say I GUESS but I am changing that to [i:3e8w5k2q]I know[/i:3e8w5k2q] that candidates, who do not have the moral conviction that life starts in the womb,may not have conviction to place [i:3e8w5k2q]right vs. wrong[/i:3e8w5k2q] in other areas of their administration.

Jon—I definitely see your points….and struggle with the same issues as a voter—-perhaps the posts here could continue as the election approaches.

Back to another question—would we have the moral obligation NOT TO VOTE??? I was listening to Relevant Radio discuss this and I do not recall what resources they quoted.