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I wasn’t sure where to put this post on the election-this post addresses seperation of church and state. I watched Kerry at the convention last nite. I [i:1i5smu4m]tried[/i:1i5smu4m] to listen objectively—-I am sure that I did not succeed at that after hearing him address several key issues.

He talks about not dividing our efforts, to work together as a country (re:war)

let’s see his party has backed down when the USA tried to help in Afghanistan, he voted to pull support of our soldiers already in Iraq, in otherwords he agreed in the beginning that we had a mission to fight terrorism, but now?????? I do not get it. He talks about the mission, talks about his tenure as a soldier—but offers not one solid suggestion on how to accomplish that. That is what bothers me—-he keeps changing his mind—-I don’t think I want him at the helm in battle.

The only time ( I did not hear the entire speech), he gave body language clues that he knew what he was talking about was when he addressed health care—-he was coming across with his expience as a trial lawyer. He and his running mate are two of the biggest trial lawyers in the nation.

Again back to division—-he said that his campaign won’t focus on issues that divide the country -rather his campaign is about economics—-everybody cheered—-economics does that translate to pocketbook??? He said to have family values we need to support families. Well everyone would feel that way

it is a good thing he does because under his administration we will need to support families who pull the plug, families with children who are so mixed up because they don’t know their own gender, let alone their parents gender or perhaps even species. Question—-how can we support families if a major order of business is tearing down families.

He talked a little about faith—-I wish he would have discussed why he acts directly against the faith he ‘professes’ by being pro-death of unborn citizens.

I am sure in my soapbox style I could go on and on—-that would not be fair, nor would it be written well.

But back to family values, a term that he used at length, he also had the supporters pick up on the term ‘Help is on the way’ One of the major political and rhetorical flaw I heard in his speech was one of its summarizing points ( personally I could not believe he would use this particular point to wrap up his speech) He tells all that he will not have an administration that will stand in the way of science, in the way of stem cell research that could save many lives—- <img decoding=” title=”Sad” /> and terminate far more (last words mine)

Prayerfully but also emotionally written.