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I don’t know how to respond to you-because your experiences are amazing. In a favorable way—-God has given you amazing strength to get through it all.

You talk about being the primary-breadwinner, with a spouse that has chronic illnesses. That puts you in a position to be empathetic with a whole lot of people in this world.—-wow!

I don’t know what I would do if I had the experience of getting the boot from a pastor. Tee; keep using the strong faith you have

I don’t know sometimes it does help to offer up our afflictions—-I try this sometimes, as the apostles did when they thank Jesus for letting them ‘share’ in the suffering. It’s a crazy crazy concept-but thanking God for a part in the suffering of His Son-by bearing our own suffering—-well it does bring personal peace. A peace that I don’t often see at that very moment of suffering—-but a calmness as I face daily life after the ‘acuteness’ of the pain has passed.

Thanks for posting Tee!