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But ya know…

Mary IS the ultimate “submissive woman”, yet she must have a core of steel to have been able to trust God so completely. And there’s SO many examples in the Bible of strong, active women. Deborah was a judge! And the Proverbs 31 woman sure seemed like an equal partner to me!

(pardon my soapbox) It seems that in my Archdiocese, women aren’t allowed to be homilists, are discouraged from being Eucharistic ministers, NEVER collect the offertory, and so on.

Yet you know about the anti-gay marriage amendment that didn’t make it through the Senate vote recently? I don’t agree with all of her political stances, but Rep. Marilyn Musgrave goes to my old church! It’s as if the minute a woman steps through the Church doors, she loses her opinion.

I have been the sole financial support of my family since 1994, when my husband was diagnosed with two chronic illnesses. I have been the primary breadwinner our whole marriage, because I had a decent education. Did I want to be a stay-at-home mom? Of course I did. But if I stayed home, we would have been on welfare. Now my husband is three semesters from graduating from college. Will I get to stay home now? Not if I want to retire before I’m ninety.

Yet the Church is run by men. When my ex-pastor tossed me out on my ear, I had no recourse, because what the priest says is always correct and unopposable here.

And still, I want to come “home” to the Church. Must be a “God” thing.