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[quote:kgkdy9ia] Personally, I think it all sounds the same or sounds like a blatant copying of style from secular artists just to sound cool or stay trendy. Being trendy and cool is not what being Christian is all about though so I think it smacks of some irony.

Actually, I don’t think that the main point it to sound “cool’ and or “trendy” but that Christian music is a way to bring faith into everyday life. But if there was an Christian artist whose main goal was to sound cool, you are right, there would be irony in that. However, most artists seem to focus on the message.

Christian artists combine the secular idea of contemporary sounds with Christian lyrics as way to add Christ into the mix of daily life. So…

When you think about it, this website is kind of like the Christian music. It combines the contemporary, secular idea of a forum/message board with the Catholic/Christian idea of faith, theology, and fellowship. I am using a contemporary means to strengthen and share my faith. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />