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I have nothing against apologetics, I still read them all the time. Sometimes though, I think the debates people have are more for the people that are just watching and listening than for the people actually involved in them. In my experience neither party is willing to budge too much (and rightly so that the Catholics don’t) so it just ends up getting nasty (the reason for the [b:yrhl41y2]no debate[/b:yrhl41y2] rule on this board).

Hi Jon,
That’s really a good point, and one not lost (hopefully) on those who engage in public debate. I know from my own experience that when I debate, I am firmly set in my position, and I know my opponent is the same; therefore, debating, for me, is, as you wrote, more for those in attendance…but that’s actually a good thing, because many, if not all, of those in attendance might never actually get the chance to hear the Catholic position on a given subject otherwise; more often than not, they’ll take their minister’s word on the subject as gospel, and simply assume that the Catholic position is wrong. Public debate gives ample time to both sides, without interruption…at least, that’s how it works in my debates:)
Good talking to you…I’ll write more when I’ve had some sleep:)