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Some pro-life groups conduct investigations.

One that I was reading the other day entailed the following:

A 13 year-old girl called Planned Parenthood centers throughout the country and related that she was pregnant by her 21 year-old boyfriend. They wanted to get an abortion to hide their relationship from her parents. By state law, the receptionists at those centers were required to report the incident to the police as a possible case of child sexual abuse. I believe in every case (if not every, then the vast majority) there was no report filed. In a number of cases, the receptionist admitted that she would be required to report the incident and specifically told the girl to not say anything else. In many (if not most) of the cases, the receptionist coached the girl on what to say and not to say when she came in for an abortion and, afterwards, for birth control in order to avoid any legal situations.

Basically, Planned Parenthood’s employees are making it very easy for pederasts to perpetrate their deeds.

(This is not exactly where I first read it, but the report Child Predators[/url:3s7u083p]by Mark Crutcher, scroll down about halfway, is one of the recent things I saw.)