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[quote:3sbp8g8h]Sometimes I wonder if we had all continued eating our unflavored baby foods even beyond our infancy, and did not ever taste the processed, salted, sugared, fryed foods of the older generations, would we be a healthier society? Of course we could begin to eat those foods in a solid form… [/quote:3sbp8g8h]

I thought baby food was breast milk? I am not sure if it comes in different flavors but I am sure that if it becomes solid you probably should not be feeding it to a baby.

As an interesting fact, a woman can continue breastfeeding her child for years. So long as the feeding continues, the milk continues to flow. Also, breastfeeding is a natural birth control. So long as the milk flows, her hormones make her body inconducive to ovulation. (I read too much about breastfeeding.)