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Well, a different experience of the mass and a different theology from the pulpit are two different things. The Catholic churches are still unified in that they are doing the same thing, but presenting it in a modified way. It’s like you wearing different clothes. On the other hand, most Protestant churches differ in what their core beliefs are and other things so it’s not like someone changing their clothes, it’s a whole new person.

[quote:3h6cna13]I attend a PCUSA church, and, according to a local Presbyterian magazine, less than 6% of PCUSA pastors believe the Bible is the word of God, compared to over 50% of the laypersons of the denomination. [/quote:3h6cna13]

That actually scares me that there are Christians who do not believe the Bible is the word of God – especially Christians in leadership positions. :shock:

And I’m sorry no Catholics have invited you to mass before. Do you have many Catholic friends? Do they know of your interest in the Church? Do you attend any church right now?

Catholic comic books…interesting. What were they called – I’ll have to check them out. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />