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Sorry, I know that this is a month or so behind the times, but, hey, I’m new.

I wonder if it is like I find here. It is funny that I can barely find a topic in my Christian Pipe Smokers page that don’t have a recent entry (very similar in appearance to this, btw), yet I find so many topics haven’t been addresses or haven’t been addressed in a long time. Is the Catholic church experience similar? I am asking legitimately, not rhetorically. Has Mass attendance taken the place of relationships in the church? Or the fact that you live in a largely protestant culture, and many of your neighbors aren’t Catholic?

The discussion about Protestant sunday schools, etc., is about socializing, koinanea (sp?), which has always been part of the Protestant church experience. It was our entertainment, for goodness sakes!

But, to the original question — I attend a Presybyterian church, and we don’t use words like Salvation. Embarrassingly emotional, don’t you know. Much easier to call us the Elect, than the saved! (I’m being only partly facetious.)