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I have come to learn that those who need to feminize the Holy Name of God tend to have an agenda that is detrimental to the building up of the Body of Christ and His Church. Jesus was a man and He referred to God as Father, not mother! So be it. I do get miffed with those who pretend they are somehow more “enlighteded,” “in-the-know,” or even Christian because of their preference for inclusive language in all forms of religious communications such as prayers, Bibles, homilies, Creeds, etc…. ad nauseum. We are made in God’s image, and male and female He has made us. That doesn’t mean we can turn around and declare that surely God must conform to our image as well and re-create the Creator to suit our needs for affirmation. If a woman somehow feels excluded because God is represented as a man, I suggest she do some honest soul-searching as well as some therapy to find out why she needs to have God conform to her demands rather than being able to accept Him at His Word and live as He has planned. She is obviously way out of touch with her own gift of womanhood that God has given her. Oh well, enough form me.

Peace and all good,


P.S. If a person insists that they believe it is okay for them to feminize God, then it isn’t Catholicism they are practicing, unless of course, they want to admit to heretical beliefs about Catholicism. Oi.