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I voted “no” simply because I look at the integrity of the person running and their ability to do the job, not just the issues they endorse or oppose. I do however, vote Pro-Life as a first indicator of the integrity of said candidates. By that I mean if a man (or woman for that matter) does not consider life in the womb worth defending, then I can see them finding other “reasons” to compromise life in its other states, whether that is in the elderly, the poor, the disabled, the middle classes, the students, etc…. and that means all areas of life as well, economic, educational, medical, etc…. If a person doesn’t honor God in his life, then why would I consider him for the highest office in this land? When the voting is between a Pro-Life candidtate and a Pro-Death candidate, I will vote for the Pro-Lifer no matter what other issues are on his plate at the time of the election. I refuse to be pidgeon-holed into believing that makes me a single-issue voter; I’m not and I really can’t stand those who would for the sake of the argument, place those words in my mouth.