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I apologize for not replying quicker. Indeed I went to Relevant Radio with a question. The show was “The Doctor is in” with Dr. Ray Guarendi (I am not sure on the spelling)

Basically I asked if I was just too far ‘out there’ in being greatly disturbed regarding a program about and including hypnotism brought in to our public high school.

We did not get into the spiritual issue of free will, nor did we discuss the mechanics of how this hypnotist put 19 or more students and teachers into a hypnotic trance lasting 20 minutes or more. Dr. Ray knows his ‘psycho babble’ well and is familiar with stage-hypnotism or hypnotism for entertainment purposes.

He inquired what kind of hypnotic suggestions were made. I gave him only 2 of many. One where a young man was made to believe the microphone stand was a young and willing lady. This teen then starting kissing the stand and took it to the floor. The other example was that all the volunteers were poured out a libation, the more they ‘drank’ from it the ‘happier’ they felt.

Dr. Ray was concerned that the hypnotist was allowed to make immoral hypnotic suggestions to the teens, and that the school staff allowed for this to happen.

He suggested that I talk to the school on the grounds of the immorality they brought in as entertainment.

Although I really appreciated his answer, AND it validated my feelings, It would not serve alot to talk to the school at this time because I have talked to them and they just don’t get it—-they don’t get it at all.

I think in the future I should bring up to the school board that parents should be informed about the program ahead of time. And like any other kind of medical procedure they should also sign a waiver that it is or is not okay for their minor child to be put into a trance by a hypnotist.

I hope my answer here makes some sense.