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[quote:3ktyvcby]The simple fact is that if we say the state is not allowed to restrict marriage to one man and one woman only, then we open a whole can of worms, for that logic opens the door for all sorts of things, I.e.

1. Polygamy(Why can’t the four of us marry one another?)
2. Institutionalized Incest (Why can’t I marry my sister?)
3. And eventually, Institutionalized Bestiality (Rover loves me, he’s a good dog, and for pete’s sake I want marry someone who can bring me the paper in the morning…Why can’t I?) [/quote:3ktyvcby]

I absolutely agree with this statement. I think polygamy is more plausible than incest or beastiality (in terms of what the government could legalize).

I mean, polygamy and gay marriage are essentially the same argument. What exactly would stop the government from legalizing polygamy as opposed to gay marriage besides a lack of demand for it? If there was as much hoopla being raised about polygamy I bet some radical states would allow it.