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I think you’ve found one of my pet peeves without even looking for it!

All the noise after Mass is over is horrendous. It drives me crazy and I don’t have far to go! I try to pray my thanksgiving after Mass and sometimes the noise is so distracting I want to jump up and yell “Silence!” It just shows the general lack of reverence for God’s house that permeates this generation. I remember going to a Catholic Church as a child and being amazed at the stillness and peace found in the silence. Now, please, it is quieter in the gym after the game lets out!

What really amazes me is this: Technically for about fifteen minutes after receiving Communion you are in Communion with God – it would be wise to talk to Him at this point and try to listen to what He might be saying. This is theologically supported by all Church teachings and Communion with God in the Eucharist is supposed to be the source and summit of our Catholic Faith, but no body wants to either talk to God in prayerful reverence after Mass or listen to hear His voice in the silence. They’d rather start talking to their neighbors, the priest, the choir and whoever else might pop up at that particular time. Applause? Sure go for it! Aren’t we all supposed to clap when the “SHOW” is over? Actions speak louder than words. What all this noise in Church says to me, saddens me. Just know that while you guys n gals are having those lively conversations after Mass, I’m still on my knees offering a thanksgiving prayer for myself and for all of you. But ya know, I think God would rather hear from you Himself! <img decoding=” title=”Confused” />