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“Seven Years of Starlight and Time” is a great net essay on Creation Physics, showing the principle of [b:3ucjgqw4]time dilation[/b:3ucjgqw4]. The seven days were literally seven days, but in a unique way, like a pie slice that is wide at one end being the billion years side of the “day” and the “day” we perceive at the other.

The literalist adherence to a twenty-four hour day is strange, as the Jewish canonical year of 350 days and other so-called “short count” calendars, like the Mayan, show the Earth’s rotation was markedly different in the past.

It’s absurd to claim the “day” was literally twenty-four hours as that’s not biblical. See? You’re right in that instance. But check out the physics in “Seven Years of Starlight and Time.” And in any event, a day with the Lord is like a thousand years; and a thousand years is like a day with God. Time dilation is correct, and clockwatcher days of twenty-four hours simply isn’t biblical.