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Nordskoven: (I don’t know how to highlight words from one post to the next or for that matter be looking at your post as I am typing this one so sorry for any typos etc)

I want to thank you, because of course like the other responses you have affirmed my feelings <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />

But most importantly you have given me some arguments outside the spiritual with which to talk to the school, school board, community (via local paper) etc.

I couldn’t figure out how to reach them, because during the school session, and the evening session a good lot of this Christian and highly Catholic town all took part in this ‘wonderful entertainment’

they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. I would be way out there trying to address the danger to one’s free will.

However—-thanks to you, I can approach the community with the idea that hypnotism is an activity that should only take place in a controlled setting ( if at all).

Now I am being unkind—-but it will give an example of what seems to be important around here

it is a very small community-so folks search hi and low for the correct kind of basketball shoes for their kids, want to lynch a soccer ref for a call on their child

yet don’t think about some stranger making suggestions to them in a 20 minute or longer trance!! TO be fair my point is that the parents were not even told ahead of time about this assembly. However when most of them did find out—they came back to the evening assembly to join in the’fun’

thanks again for the responses folks

I am still searching and researching.