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Real hypnotherapists would NEVER indulge in a public display anymore than a REAL dentist would wheel in a tank of laughing gas and administer it to subjects for fun. Hypnotism is a therapeutic tool, and should be engaged in only with proper reflection (possible only in a well-informed adult) and a good understanding of the nature and content of any hypnotic suggestion. Ethical hypnotists tape record each session.

The thought of kids being exposed to what could be termed mind control in a public school is creepy. Public schools, as an attenuated arm of the government, should be especially sensitive to any notion that they are engaging in any kind of brainwashing, however seemingly harmless.

I would register a strong protest with the school board. And I would forward your posts to Eagle Forum. Phyllis Schlafly’s group has been highly effective in emplacing legislation that shields kids from being tinkered with by school psychologists, and that would include hypnosis. I highly commend Eagle Forum as being a singularly effective activist organization on the cutting edge of staving off invasive legislation aimed at improper social control. Be there.