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Thanks again Jon. Yesterday was really tough because I was(and still) bothered about the souls of these students

later I found out that many community families as well as the students went back for the evening program and more teens were hypnotized as well.

This was not a clinical setting therapist where there would hopefully be some checks and balances on the hypnotist’s practice and clients this was a person who put alot of people in a trance for entertainment—-you know alot of people remember the old stuff—-having people bark like a dog or maybe kiss a stranger

but today there are so many searching adults as well as teens—-alot of them wear the wican symbols as well as the satan stuff.

From my understanding the actions of a person under hypnotic trance or the actions of a person acting on a post-hypnotic suggestion come from: suggestion, imagination, or delusion(delusion being a false planted idea—-like this pain is not real, or you are not hungry)

Jon I will recall some advice you gave me over a year ago during some other project concerning the spiritual well being of our youth. You told me to remember the real work or the battle is actually fought by the Holy Spirit, so that I shouldn’t let worry take its toll on myself. Very good advice I do well to remember it.

In the meantime I will be searching for some answers. First; when hypnotised and acting on suggestion, delusion, or imagination—-are we using our free will?

Second—our priest wanted me (he doesn’t go online) to find out more about hypnosis from a Catholic perspective. If anyone can help or has any links I would appreciate it. I do not know if I am using the correct online search methods. EWTN and Catholic answers for me anyways comes up with nothing using either the term hypnosis or hypnotism.
By the way how sad it is—-I noticed that by putting the word Catholic Answers in a search line that there are several very anti-Catholic sites that literally pepper their articles with the word “Catholic Answers”, so that anyone will be directed to this site in their search for true Catholic teaching. This is something we really have to pray about.

In conclusion I want to add that I am patient for answers and think on this forum we can all help each other out

and not expect the webmaster (is that a real term—lol) to come up with everything for such a long winded person as myself <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />