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Jon—-thank you for the reply

First—-today the principal assured me that attendance at this assembly is not mandatory (not what the staff told me yesterday). I said good, I also questioned if parents of these minors who were hypnotized signed a waiver that it was okay that this ‘therapy’ was practiced on their minor children—even if the implicit purpose was for entertainment. Of course this question opened up a long conversation with me

he figured of course that I am nuts—-but he did allow me to express my concerns and he did come away with a much different insight ( in the future parents will be notified)

To my fellow forum friends; feeling a great urge or passion to be an activist on issues that most do not even view as ‘issues’ is so difficult at times. I would so much rather get on with my normal everyday life than to stir up concern with folks just out to have a good time. I have to take alot of time to pray to help discern if God really wants me to speak out—-and even then I reason it would just be easier to mentally cloister myself and pray and pray and let someone else take up the actual battle.


I really want to be convinced that this is borderline first commandment at the very least—-then I could go on to something else. I am looking up articles on hypnosis

but from my understanding, while under a trance the subject/patient is suggestible to the ‘therapist’ as well as any other influences floating around out there—-in fact the hypnotist cautions the audience to remain silent for some parts. Yesterday these folks were in a trance for over 20 minutes.

The parts of the first commandment I worry about are section 2106 where it addresses a person ‘freely’ ascenting to the divine truth. Section2115 and especially 2116 refer to consulting divination, magic, and clairvoyance in order to conciliate hidden powers

you see under a hypnotic trance a subject is open to many many thoughts that they do not have in their normal alert state. While it is true that hypnosis under professionally controlled situations at best can help with medical and mental problems—it can and does go sour with such problems as false memories being implanted along with all the other post hypnotic suggestions that can be purposely or accidently planted. I see this as serious—-am I totally alone in viewing it this way? :oops: