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[quote:1shx1qq7]Christian music is one of those genres that does not. Perhaps it is the trendy Evangelical tone.[/quote:1shx1qq7]

Yes, I feel the same way – it has a trendy, Evangelical tone. Not much more to say on that one. <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />

[quote:1shx1qq7]I listen to secular music but mostly Oldies. You do not have so much sex and violence in Oldies songs (but you can find it).[/quote:1shx1qq7]

That reminds me of one of my friends, Marissa (who also wrote a few articles for this website). Personally, Oldies just don’t do it for me. I need something a little more intense than upbeat.

I generally get my fix with some hardcore Creed (not the mushy stuff on the radio).

Btw, I try to stay away from the Backstreet Boys as much as possible. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

[quote:1shx1qq7]This is why I am hesitant to believe those people who say they are not affected when they listen all the time to music about sex and violence.[/quote:1shx1qq7]

Yeah. I’d love to see a study done on this showing how that kind of music affects people’s beliefs and attitudes.