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I tend to like all kinds of music, although some genres appeal to me more than others. Christian music is one of those genres that does not. Perhaps it is the trendy Evangelical tone. Whatever it is, I do not enjoy listening to most Christian songs (although I do have a few favorites; they emphasize God’s power and wisdom such as “God is in Control” and “Our God is an Awesome God”).

I listen to secular music but mostly Oldies. You do not have so much sex and violence in Oldies songs (but you can find it). I also have a concept called a God Song. A God Song is any secular song that, with no or minor changes, could be considered as God singing to you or vice versa. The song that inspired the concept is the Backstreet Boy’s “Larger than Life” wherein I paid particular attention to the lines:

All you people [the Trinity] can’t you see, can’t you see
How your love’s affecting our reality
Every time we’re down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life.