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Christ founded His Church on Peter, the Rock, vesting [u:2jx519ax]all[/u:2jx519ax] the divine power and authority He received from our Father in the Apostles. Jesus Christ said that to reject His servants was to reject the Father and Christ. Do what Jesus willed for us. Be taught of His servants who are under divine guidance.

Skirting around apostolic teaching authority by toe-dipping into Catholic stuff, or hanging around Catholics, isn’t what Christ mandated. Get the straight facts through every Catholic parish, which offers free instruction for those curious about Catholicism, the RCIA program, Rite of Christian Initiation.

Those who are baptized in the triune formula, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, will not have to be re-baptized excepting Mormons, whose baptism incorporates a deranged view of divinity, Mormons believe God is merely a Superman-type being, and that they themselves will become gods like the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.