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[b:1zy23maj]If “truth” is relative, there’s no truth. If truth is secret, there’s no point. Truth is revealed as a gift by God. [/b:1zy23maj]

1. If “truth” is relative, there’s no truth.

This is the internet. How can you believe anything one person or group says is of equal verity and import as anything another person or group says? If that’s your world view, I’ve got a tax-sheltered lease on the New York subway system you need to invest in. Have your credit card handy.

So the Bible, specifically the KJV/King James Version, is equal to the Qu’uran? I think Jesus mentioned those who are lukewarm would be spewed out of His mouth. But, hey, the Qu’uran says to kill all believers in the Book, Old or New Testament. The nominal Christians of the secret brotherhood have nothing to fear if they put the Lodge above the Lord. That’s lukewarm syncretism, all “truths” are equal.

2. If truth is secret, there’s no point.

This is the internet, and there’s virtually no censorship. Secrecy is a kind of insidious censorship. If you’ve got something good, share it. Christians are to share the truth freely, shouting the Good News from every rooftop, placing the lamp of the Way, Truth and Life on a hill, not under a basket.

3. Truth is revealed as a gift by God.

God reveals truth, and has always done so in a long history of showing us His will and His ways. God and His miraculous track record can be contradicted only at one’s eternal peril.

Freemasons are nice. So are Mormons. Really nice. Both sects are Babylonian Mystery Religions, neatly contradicting all that God has revealed through the Chosen People, and those Christians ingrafted and adopted into God’s family by Christ’s ultimate sacrifice.

Christ the God-Man died on the cross. In 1717 the grandaddy of all lodges, the Grand Lodge of London, declared all religions were equal. That includes Islam, which says Christ didn’t die, and He wasn’t God. Jesus was just a great prophet. And nice Allah wouldn’t do that to one of his nice prophets. Muhammed flew up to heaven on a white horse. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, not an inglorious death.

And if anybody’s going to die, it’s the (Christian) unbelievers, who are to be sacrificed to Allah. And why not? Islam doesn’t acknowledge free will. So they convert under duress, something that isn’t kosher in the Eternal God’s free will system. Heaven, or Hell, is your choice. Christ made the right choice in rejecting Lucifer’s worldly realm.

Mormons think Jesus was Lucifer’s spirit brother, and that they will evolve into gods in outer space like the father god who had sex with their version of “Mary.” Freemasons are ever rising up the secrecy scale to become united with noted Masonic author Colonel Pike’s secret ultimate deity, Lucifer, the Enlightened One.

God says spread the Word faithfully and truly. Babylonian Mystery Religions say keep their teachings secret. Masons do, and so do Mormons with their secret temple rites. Secrecy is a “hiding in plain sight” dogma. If you are pro-secrecy, get off the internet. Mormons have no idea where their mandatory 10% tithe goes. Masons need to investigate why their charitable giving has such an abysmally low pass-through rate.

God says all souls are equal in His sight. Babylonian Mystery Religions say there are elites, separated from others in strict castes, classes. So only Temple Mormons can get into the inner sanctum. The degrees of Freemasons mean even insiders are outside the elite core. These nice Mormons and nice Masons have no idea what is going on at the upper echelons.

Look into brotherhood elites like P-2, Masons who hired John Paul II’s assassins; the Bilderbergers; Skull & Bones; and the Bohemian Grove rituals with its Owl Club burning a human in effigy. Research the Knights of the Golden Circle, who were the insiders instigating America’s Civil War while the outsider insiders, the Ku Klux Klan, prosecuted their guerilla war after their loss. Christians are God’s elect, not the elites of the world.

John Ankerberg has re-enactments of lodge ceremonies by real Christian ex-Masons. They show the Royal Arch degree that calls for honoring a triune “god” composed of all the horned gods (demons) of old. IO-BAAL-OM. Get Ankerberg’s videos and books. The nice, low men on the totem pole don’t know this. But they take their blood oaths of secrecy (cross your heart and hope to die) and fork over their dues anyway.

Get the book, [u:1zy23maj]Behind the Lodge Doors[/u:1zy23maj], a better investment than that pricey gold, diamond and ruby ring, no matter how many traffic tickets it gets you out of. I will not deny Christ in the name of brotherhood, or lie to you in the name of the good old boy fraternity. The Truth will set you free. “May God enlighten the eyes of our hearts.”