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[color=blue:1bh3zj4i]I can relate. Especially now that I am moved far away, from all my family and friends. I have a portion of my day just spent emailing, replying, writing, sending photos.

Of course I am thrilled to be able to keep in contact with them, all for the low price of monthly internet. But some days, I just want to not find myself sitting here, when I could be outside or off doing something.

Plus, we do our banking online so I find myself back here for that.
Then there is other random bills we pay online.

Countless hours writing and reading are spent here. It’s like the internet and computer own me sometimes.

I will get grouchy if I have spent too much time at my computer. So what I am finding that works for me, is scheduling time AWAY from it. Taking breaks and going outside for a walk. It helps distract me from the fact that so much of our lives are revolved around having to use the computer, because its fast and convenient.[/color:1bh3zj4i]