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O Holy Spirit, come into my soul, that I may discover all the sins I have committed and grant me the grace to be sorry for them in all humility and contriteness of heart.
O my God, at the moment of my appearance before You this day, I sincerely confess before Your divine majesty and before the whole court of heaven, that I have offended You by thought, word and deed. By my sins I have contributed to the death of Jesus on the cross but You have forgiven me, washing my soul in the Blood of your Son and clothing it with the wedding garment of Your grace.
I come, therefore, contrite and repentant, but with a heart overflowing with boundless gratitude, to your holy presence which You deigned to grant to a prodigal child like me.
What shall I render to You for all the good You have done to Me? Lord, I am sorry for all my sins. I promise not to sin again, for I love You. Amen.