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[quote:33kxxhn3][quote:33kxxhn3]”God still loves gay people, just not sex outside of a procreative, loving marriage.”[/quote:33kxxhn3]

Procreative? As in reproducing children?
Loving? Oh yes, forgive me, I forgot. Gays are incapable of a ‘loving’ relationship.
Please clear up ‘procreative'[/quote:33kxxhn3]

I never said they were not capable of loving. I’m sure they are just like anyone else. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

And yes, procreative does mean reproducing children. Since that is one of the natural functions of sex. They are called the reproductive organs for a reason. A man cannot reproduce with a man and a woman cannot reproduce with a woman so there can be no such thing as same-sex marriages since marriage is the institution that brings forth new life.