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I did not view or hear the preacher you are talking about, so this response may be too simplistic.

Is it not possible that he is referring to the fact that we don’t actually have to die and shed our own blood to get into heaven?? Kind of reminds me of the words in Hebrews 12—-where it says the same thing—-we are not persecuted to the point of being crucified. How does yet another passage go……by his stripes, ( strifes…..I forget) we are healed?

I would never ever leave the Church…..but the protestant I was as a young child still on occassion misses a good ole knock your socks off sermon. One of my favorite pieces of scripture is in Matthew—-let your light shine before all so that they may see the good that you do and give glory to the Father in heaven…….you see I want to take that light of mine and use it to set fire underneath the pews in church and get some of us believers off of our butts…..is there such a thing as a Baptist/Catholic?
(sorry just attempting humor this morning) also my apologies for my spelling and grammar are very fuzzy this morning.

Back to the point Jon—-I don’t think when others say they are ‘saved’ that it implies no further work on their behalf.