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[quote:fmfav4qc]However, that does not mean non-Catholics are welcome.[/quote:fmfav4qc]
Catholics look down on other religions, If your purpose is to reach out and to teach about the catholic religion, shouldnt you be accepting of other peoples beliefs? I was not aware that catholics were unaccepting, Why is this so?
I am not sure why I was drawn to Catholicism, I believe that to call yourself a catholic, a mormon, an amish, a protestant, whatever is just really a state of mind, a Label. We are all what we are inside, and different people have different interperetations of what the bible says and means. I am open to all interperatations, not that I would be willing to believe it all, but I am very open to the beliefs of others. People are going to believe inside what they want to believe and how they really feel no matter what any human tells them. I think that if you are talking to someone you can tell them how you interpret the bible, and if they see it that way then its fine, but most of the time, inside they wont, and I dont believe in forcing someone to believe somethng, it would just be a “False Label” Anyway. I am not sure how I feel about this realization abotu Catholicism being SO religiously centered and closed minded. I am not “Catholic” and I am not really sure what I am, that is why I am on the path to self discovery, I just need to learn and see where the lord leads me.
I knew that Catholics believed only in one holy church, the Catholic church, and I think it is ok to reach out to people but not ok to segregate, and if this is a big part of Catholicism then I am not sure about that. I would ever put down the beliefs of another Christian, and I dont believe that anyone should be so closed minded as not to associate with other Christian faiths. If this means that I am not welcome here, so be it.