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[quote:k78znltx]I have been wondering, if a pro-abortion candidate is elected, can/will he be able to recind/change the restrictions that Bush has put onto partial birth abortions?

I would rather not have to think about it though.[/quote:k78znltx]

Yes, I am sure they can do that. That is what I have found bothersome about American politics is that one president can undo a whole slew of things another has done.

Of course, I think, any change would have to start off as a bill in Congress and would have to be passed by both the House and the Senate before it even reaches the president to sign it into law. So if the president wants to make changes to current laws it must go through a lot of other people first.

I think John Kerry said that if he were elected he would appoint all pro-choice judges. Of course those have to go through Congress too (and with a Republican controlled Congress you can bet that they will never be approved).