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[quote:rk3den7f]I like the series of pro-life billboards on the highways. They don’t condemn, but they use pictures of babies and quotes that remind all of us how a child is a gift from God by saying things like “Daddy says I have Grandma’s eyes,” or “Did you know I could smile and suck my thumb before I was born?”[/quote:rk3den7f]

Well, I’m not so sure about their motivation being that they are a gift from God so much as that they are human beings.

Part of the abortion argument in defining if they are human or not is its viability outside the womb. Somehow, pro-abortion people argue that it is a human if it can live outside of the womb itself, but otherwise it is just an embryo or something.

Now, tell me how it is that it changes from an embryo to a human after some certain amount of weeks? Does Tinkerbell come and spray some fairy dust?! Let’s be serious here!

See, an embryo is just another stage of development of a human being. It’s not some other creature that just morphs into a human. It has the DNA and everything of a human being from the beginning. It is programmed to develop as a human being and nothing else. You can’t deny this.

[quote:rk3den7f]Is that assisting a mother in killing her child, while zealously fighting every attempt by anyone to inform her of the reality of what truly exists within her womb, is an act of compassion?[/quote:rk3den7f]

Exactly. How much less compassionate could one be? Oh, wait….sorry, it’s not about compassion or what’s really going on, but it’s about the [i:rk3den7f]woman’s [b:rk3den7f]rights[/b:rk3den7f][/i:rk3den7f]. :rolleyes: