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Wow, I didn’t know Jeb Bush was Catholic. <img decoding=” title=”Cool” /> What happened to the rest of his family? Is Jeb a convert?

Anyway, there is the other side of the coin. There could be a democrat that rises up by 2008 that the American public embraces and if Jeb Bush does decide to run, he could be defeated.

Her name? Clinton.

Hillary Clinton.

Now, this is all just speculation of course and I am not advocating for her, but I think that if she ran she has a great chance at winning because of her power, and that she is a woman. I’m sure she could get a lot of people to the polls that don’t normally vote or vote for the Green party candidate to vote for her based on her gender. I really think she could pull it off one day.

But, I’m all for a [u:1r79c1ku][b:1r79c1ku]Catholic[/b:1r79c1ku][/u:1r79c1ku] candidate regardless of party that embraces [b:1r79c1ku][u:1r79c1ku]Catholic[/u:1r79c1ku][/b:1r79c1ku] values.