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[quote:cil6f66t]Finally, and this came to me a few months ago. You know how some of us struggle with the ‘boring repetition’ of the Rosary prayers? Well I imagine myself talking to Mary

I wonder how boring it would be for her if I used my own words all the time instead of the traditional Hail Mary. I think I am pretty interesting—but Mary she gets alot of us kids talking to her constantly and boy do we whine and go on and on!! [/quote:cil6f66t]

This is kind of interesting because I like to personalize my prayers and make them my own prayers of thanksgiving and petitions because I think if I said the same thing over and over again it would become stale for me and for God. I want to say what is really on my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to say the “pre-fabbed” prayers too, but not all the time.

As far as the rosary goes, I was just talking to someone else about it today and he was saying that it took him until a few years ago (and he is in his late 40s) that it’s not all about making sure you say each decade and if you miss one or two Hail Mary’s it’s not a big deal. I think he was getting at that it is more about the contemplative aspect of it rather than making sure you say a certain amount of prayers and you will receive a blessing type thing.