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Great subject!!!! Do I remember correctly that the word lent actually refers to the spring season???? If that is true—-even in the midst of winter I feel as if I should ‘spring’ open every cupboard door along with the refrig and all the tins on the counter—‘spring them open’ and get rid of the excess ‘turtles’, and mints, and cookies and chips you name it!!! Ironically this excess of foods stemmed from our Christmas celebrations and gift exchanges.

To the editors; I know this once again refers to food, and so many people use food as their lenten experience (by giving up certain things) I am not sure that this brings many closer to God, but in our culture of obvious overconsumption of everything—cutting back somewhere can’t hurt.

Sorry for the length here but you friends have inspired my January return to the internet. I was inspired by BerryCat who talks about adding something to her Lenten experience(versus removing some habit). She talks about adding prayer.

In these past few years I have learned that the length of Lent is exactly the length of time required to launch some activity into a regular habit. (so say the ‘self help’ folks). This is true for any habit good or bad.

I love Benedict’s line that discipline in particular leads to discipline in general. BECUZ discipline is what I lack . In my case I struggle with knowing whether my failings are for lack of discipline or lack of ability.

So you all have helped me to figure out that I am not ‘giving up’ anything for Lent

instead I plan to petition my Heavenly Father for more self discipline . In that way making myself a better vessel to do His will.

Thanks everyone <img decoding=” title=”Razz” />